Sunday, October 11, 2009

Messing with Stuff...

After practicing this relay a bunch more the other night, we noticed a serious problem. Sadly, we were wrongsiding at least 75-80% of all the contracts. In an effort to reduce this, we have swapped the Direct and Delayed bids, so that majors are bid directly now. This means that we don't always wrongside when responder has ♥s. Of course after swapping this we still wrongsided a lot of NT contracts, but it was much better than before. This will probably be permanately changed, unless we find a good reason not to.

Another thing we were having trouble with was our slam bidding. Our methods for showing controls etc... Are to say the least, not very efficient. I think we need to switch this also, but I am debating about what we should switch it to. Denial Cue Bids or something similar is what I am thinking. Does anyone have a link to anything on this, or have another reccomendation?

I am still working on the notes and I suppose after I finish entering all the relays, I'll add a link to the new system notes, which will still probably be changing daily. That's all for now.

Monday, October 5, 2009

New Relays

The New K-G Relays have been written! They are still being edited before we add the final edition to our system notes. Although I (Sean) cannot wait to have our amazing FDCC, as I am sure all of you know we have, up to date i do believe it will take me a little while to get around to it. Hopefully Adam and I will be able to practice this new system within the next few days and for a system this amazing we are expecting to have more kibizters than any other partnership bidding table every :p

We will post the relays for you poor saps who want to read them and know what is happening while we bid (since neither of us will have any idea) when we have them completely edited.

1M-2♣ GF Relay

In addition to adding and messing with our 1♣ structure, we will be adding in a GF relay for 1M-2♣, and making all other bids Natural and NF. It's undecided, but we may use 2♦ as a type of Major Raise, but we'll have to see. In either case, it will be a nice step forward I think, as soon as we find a relay that fits.

Going Symettric!

Maybe it's a bit early to post this, but we are considering switching to a semi-symettric relay soon. It will be a big change, and we will completely rearrange our 1C structure, but I think it's worth it. We will be able to relay out exact shape and size, or we could TAB/CAB if we wish. It will be amazing. Basically we will be doing this:

1♣ - ?
1♦ - 0-7 HCP; Any Hand
1♥ - 8+ HCP; 5+M
1♠ - 8-13 HCP; 4432 or 4333
1NT - 8+ HCP; 5+m Unbalanced
2♣ - 8+ HCP; 5m332 or 6m322 or 5C+5M (TBD)
2♦ - 8+ HCP; 7+m or 6(+)m 5(+)M
2♥ - 5-7 HCP; 6+♥ with 3/5 top honors or 2/3 top honors
2♠ - 5-7 HCP; 6+♠ with 3/5 top honors or 2/3 top honors
2NT - 8+ HCP; 5-5+ Minors
3♣ - 12-16 HCP; (41)=4=4 (then 3♥ is 15-16 HCP, symettric with 3♦)
3♦ - 8-11 HCP; (41)=4=4 (then 3♠/3NT are Low/High shortness)

1♣ - 1♥ - 1♠ - ?
1NT - 8+ HCP; 5+M Unbalanced
2♣ - 8+ HCP; 5M332 or 6M322 or 5D+5M (TBD)
2♦ - 8+ HCP; 7+M or 6(+)M 5(+)m
2♥ - 14+ HCP; 4432/4333
2♠ - 17+ HCP; 4441 Any
2NT - 8+ HCP; 5-5+ Majors
3♣ - 12-16 HCP; 4=4=(14) (then 3♥ is 15-16 HCP, symettric with 3♦)
3♦ - 8-11 HCP; 4=4=(14) (then 3♠/3NT are Low/High shortness)

All 8+ HCP Hands will be able to be shown in a shape relay, or a TAB/CAB for the 5+ card suits. We are currently working on this, and as soon as more is developed I'll post more!

Welcome and About

Welcome to Me and Sean's system notes blog. Either of us will post any changes or updates to the system notes, in addition to some ideas potentially. There is also our constantly updated notes page, which there is a link to, etc... Feel free to post comments on ideas, ask questions or give suggestions. Enjoy!